Want to see more of Rotterdam? Hop on a bike and I’ll show you around!

My main objective is to show you parts of Rotterdam that you would normally not see. Of course, during all bird on a bike-tours you will able to see the major points of interest and the real ‘tourist attractions’. However, because we are by bike we can go a bit further off the beaten track.

Being the perpetual building site that the city is, cyclist in Rotterdam are sometimes challenged with detours, hurdles and closed down streets. As a local you get used to it. And slowly and steadily you see the city change. And don’t forget, the wind is part of the experience, and it’s free!

To book a tour or for more information please contact me by phone (+31 642704913) or send an email to info@birdonabike.nl

Merel_Maastunnelabout your guide

As a not-born-but-bred local, over the past 30 years I have seen Rotterdam change while cycling. On my red bike I still cross the city daily and each time I discover new and interesting places. I’m very proud of my city and like to show people around and make them feel at home. I love to travel and one of my favorite things to do is to cycle in another country. For me this is the ideal way to see as much as possible in a short amount of time and come in contact with the locals.

For me, getting to know a place with the help of a local makes my trip extra special. By organizing these tours I want to give you the same experience I have while traveling.